The Wall Street Wizards New York Program is a part of Saturday programming that benefits students in the Eagle Academy for Young Men in the Bronx. This year we are pleased to announce that the program has been introduced to another New York Public High School, East Side Community High (ESCH), located on the Lower Eastside of Manhattan. ESCH is a great fit for the Wall Street Wizards as the goal of the school is “to create a community of highly skilled students, lifetime learners and critical thinkers who, upon graduation, will be prepared to go to college and enter the work world.”

Like the California program, the goal of the WSW New York Program is to provide the students with a better understanding of the world of finance. The students are taught through the use of regular class material and exercises, as well as, through a student-generated portfolio of companies. The student-generated portfolio has proven useful as students are learning how to calculate the performance of individual stocks over a given time period as well as how to determine what economic factors may have led to the stocks performance.

Guest speakers and field trips are also an important piece of the program as they provide students with the opportunity to hear and see firsthand how the industry works. For example, last year students attended the Estee Lauder Annual Shareholder meeting. This year we are looking to attend another shareholder meeting and visit the New York Stock Exchange.

We continue to be excited about the progress of the program in New York and look forward to expanding it in the future.

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