Creating Economically & Financially
Empowered Individuals & Communities

The Challenge

  • The average college graduate has nearly $20,000 in debt, mostly from credit cards
  • Only one in five teens report that their parents have taught them how to invest their money
  • Teens of color spend 97% of their money, deriving their sense of identity from material purchases
  • People of color make up less than 10% of the investment workforce
  • As a result, people of color tend to have lower credit scores, an overall lack of understanding about money, finance, investing, and wealth accumulation, or how to establish, build and maintain credit. They don’t have money to invest and even if they do they don’t know where to even start. And they don’t choose finance, investing, and money management as a career path.


Education Is The Solution

  • We provide youth with culturally relevant financial literacy
    education and curricula
  • We build profieciency and confidence in math, finance, economics,
    investing and money management
  • We challenge youth to examine the relationship between
    consumption,  savings, investment and wealth accumulation
  • We open bank and brokerage accounts and crypto wallets for our
    students using real money and real crypto
  • We provide mentoring opportunities for your youth with proven
    adult investment professionals
  • We provide job and internship opportunities for our students
  • We expose our students to career opportunities in finance and

What We DO




Culturally relevant financial & capital markets curriculum delivered year round in a rigorous yet nurturing environment.

Brokerage And Bank Accounts


Active personal money management using students own bank account, bokerage account, and thorough management of the WSWA…



Participation in the financial markets through attending WSWA Fund Portfolio Company shareholder meetings.

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